luni, 10 noiembrie 2008

Recomandarea Dance!

Excat cum v-am obişnuit, în fiecare săptămână de la 18.30 se asculta cea mai "HOT" piesa dance

Săptămâna 10-14 noiembrie


Treitl Hammond is a Romanian DJ,producer and remixer born in 29 of september 1981. His interest in music started as a kid with playing piano.Being a teenager he has wanted more. So, he released a project named Evolution, producing vocal trance tracks.He also was the producer of another Romanian dancefloor project,Atac,hiting the Romanian charts. With two dance projects behind and a lot of experience, Treitl Hammond has made up his mind to enlarge his horizons, being a DJ,and he's been behind the decks since 2003. Beside his productions he started remixing artists and Dj from Romania and lately from all over the world. His reputation across Romania is on the rise as he play in many clubs.



Treitl Hammond - Give me the vibes

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